Welcome to our website After more than a year's pause for serious health reasons, I can gradually add more news to the site.


And because my only lifetime health insurance company refused to pay me the recommended treatment, I have to gradually sell my components from the listening room. Everything will be sold at prices lower than I bought. It is of course possible to show everything in my listening room in Starovičky.


I will continue to work on other home listening topics and post them on this website free of charge.


With respect


Pavel Kůrka


  Are you interested in reading something that might simply help you adjust your listening room?




AudiolabK E-book

If you like listening to high quality music and are interested in improving your home equipment, we will help you understand the important physical rules that you need to know. You will see, that even without complex mathematics you will be able to decide what to adjust and how. Download our free E-book:





Acoustic signal sources


Nowadays, there are many ways to get a signal. The subject of this article is an overview of several available options and a simple evaluation of their basic properties.

If you are interested, you are always welcome in our listening room in Starovičky. I will be happy to help you.

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